What is Drone Racing?

“Drone Racing Could Be As Big As Formula 1” - Sunday Times

We believe it will be BIGGER!

Drone Racing is the Sport of the Future where gaming meets motorsports in High Speed Aerial Combat.

No sport comes close to the fully immersive Roller Coaster Visual Experience that drone racing offers to spectators and pilots alike.

Try it and you will be Hooked!

Who Are We?

We are the world’s leading Drone Racing Team.

We are driven by the pursuit of Technological and Performance Excellence.

We bring together the world’s greatest Freestyle and Racing Talent and match it with cutting edge Racing Drone Technology.

We share our experiences with our fans by creating outstanding visuals featuring the greatest names in drone racing and freestyling.

Videos Our 2017 Victories

What is FPV Racing

First Person View (FPV) is the Future of Drone Racing Technology.

Imagine being shrunk to the size of an ant and sitting in a virtual cockpit zipping through complex obstacles at up to 120 miles an hour and you will get an idea of this immersive mind-blowing experience.

FPV systems are comprised of a number elements, including an FPV drone mounted camera, video transmitter (vtx) and video receiver goggles, as well as antennae, ground receivers and connectors.

What's the difference between flying a drone and racing a quad with FPV?

It’s like the difference between playing hockey in the park and playing Quidditch at Hogwarts!

Once you’ve mastered the controls on your basic drone, you can progress to flying a Quadcopter wearing ‘First Person View’ goggles. The camera on the quad sends real-time images of its high-speed trajectory to the pilot - which will give you the sensation that you’re flying! It’s utterly exhilarating and totally addictive. Just ask our pilots!

Upcoming Events

2018 Victories

2017 Victories

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Drone Racing World Series

May 2017

Gdynia - Poland

FAI Drone Racing World Cup

May 2017

WestonPark - UK

Weston Park freestyle Race

Jun 2017

Shanghai - China

Mobile World Congress

Jul 2017

Walcz - Poland

Walcz Festival Drone Race

Jul 2017

Milan - Italy

Model Drome Adrenalin

Jul 2017

California - USA

Wild West Championship

Jul 2017

Turf City - Singapore

Asia Drone Championships

Aug 2017

Kildare - Ireland

Irish Nationals

Aug 2017

Muncie Indiana - USA

MultiGP Team Race

Aug 2017

Chungju - Korea

Chungju Drone Race

Aug 2017

Birmingham - UK

ISeries Insomnia Team Race

Aug 2017

Birmingham - UK

ISeries Insomnia

Aug 2017

Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Drone Champions League #2

Sep 2017

Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Drone Champions League #3

Sep 2017

Derby - UK

Delta Hawks

Sep 2017

California - USA

Meteor Shower Drone Racing

Sep 2017

Brussels - Belguim

Drone Champions League #4

Sep 2017

Brussels - Belgium

Drone Champions League #5

Sep 2017

Spielberg - Austria

Red Bull DR.one

Sep 2017

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

FAI World Cup Pam Cup

Sep 2017

Torun - Poland

Drone Tech Race

Oct 2017

Salina Turda - Romania

Drone Champions League #6

Oct 2017

Buckminster - UK

British Championship

Oct 2017

Buckminster - UK

British Championship Tiny Whoop Race

Oct 2017

Incheon - Korea

International Drone Sports

Oct 2017

Incheon - Korea

IDSC Team Race

Oct 2017

Daegu - Korea

Daegu World Cup

Oct 2017

Trona Pinnacles - USA

DR1 DHL Champion Series Trona Pinnacles

Nov 2017

Mojave Bone Yard - USA

DR1 DHL Champion Series Mojave Bone Yard

Nov 2017

Seoul - Korea

Drones in Seoul

Nov 2017

Berlin - Germany

DCL Season finals

Dec 2017

2016 Victories

The World’s Most Successful Drone Pilots

View Pilot Profiles

Title Sponsor

We are very pleased to have signed a deal with NEX to be our official global team title sponsor.

NEX is a financial technology company based in London, with clients such as asset managers, banks, hedge funds and professional trading firms. They run two world-class trading platforms for the fixed income and foreign exchange markets, and offer a suite of complementary technical solutions that help their clients mitigate risk and reduce operational costs. They have a division that invests in up-and-coming financial technology companies and they run a stock exchange where entrepreneurs can raise capital, develop ideas and grow. NEX employs more than 1,900 people in 18 offices around the world.

As part of the arrangement, XBlades will be renamed ‘NEXXBlades’ during the two year title sponsorship. NEX was keen to partner with XBlades as they see the team as a natural fit for their own focus on technology and the similar values they share with us such as innovation, speed, agility and a determination to continually improve performance.

Michael Spencer, CEO of NEX, said: “Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at NEX and so we are excited to be sponsoring the pioneering sport of drone racing. To be a successful drone racing team you need speed, agility and a focus on performance, traits which NEX values immensely. We wish the team the best of luck for Paris and beyond in the forthcoming season.”

Richard De Aragues, Team Principal of XBlades Racing Team, said: “In order to stay ahead of our competition, XBlades must deliver perpetual technological innovation and performance improvement. With NEX we have found a partner who shares these same values and has committed to supporting our goal”.

For more information on NEX please see www.nex.com



T-motor Brushless motor is a worldwide leading supplier of components and systems for the Aerial photograph ,some Industry and commercial application in the precision drive technology sector that is aiming to expand its leading position in the niche market and be the NO. 1 in all major markets.


Tattu provides Drones/Multirotors/UAV with battery packs designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance. Tattu is committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV.


With a passionate pursuit of performance and speed that define the bare essentials of micro FPV racing, our team of electronic and mechanical engineers from Europe have assembled to create the most versatile and amazing micro FPV products today. Nothing short of perfection, quality and performance will be settled for, and our amazingly engineered products have been set forth to redefine the micro FPV racing scene in ways you can only begin to dream of.


With help of our friends, who happen to be top drone pilots, we create solutions to enrich your flying experience. Whether you are an aerial artist or a speed freak. We want to make your next flight better. That’s why we’ve done our utmost to make your life easier and let you fly more. To us, quality is not just a fancy sticker on a box: it’s our number 1 priority, baked into each and every one of our products. We want you to be happy with your Torvol products. Worry about flying conditions, not your bag. Check out the Custom NEXXBLADES bag made specially for the team

Falcon Multirotors

Falcon Multirotors works with top pilots to design durable, innovative, and beautiful racing drone frames. Falcon Multirotors has partnered with NEXXBlades to give them the edge with fresh frame designs that incorporate materials, geometries and hardware integrations not seen in anything else on the market. Check out the new BanniLite frame developed with Luke Bannister for the DR1 XBR2 and DCL XBR3


We are committed to the R&D of FPV products including FPV camera, HD action cameras, VTx, VRx, flight control, antenna, ECS and motors. We are a competitive and trustworthy FPV products manufacturer with a world wide retail distribution network. Our Motto is quality and customer first! Our products are simple and easy to use with a very competitive price. We are open to any suggestion and ideas.


Committed to the research and development of FPV cameras and camcorders, we launched multiple products that have gained popularity among FPV pilots. To us, quality is a habit, not an act. Our users are our friends, we want you to be thrilled and be passionate by our products. RunCam is born for RC fanatics. Be brave, take risks. Experience has no substitutes. The will to win, the desire to succeed, and the urge to reach your full potential. Together we can achieve so much more than being alone. Runcam needs you and you need Runcam.

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